Corporate Climate Policy Engagement

The Largest Corporates in Australia Compared on Climate Lobbying

The diagram below charts the Total Score and global Engagement Intensity for the 50 companies operating in Australia that are most significant to climate change (please see FAQs for how these companies were chosen). The higher the Total Score, the more the company lobbies to support Paris-Aligned climate policy. The Total Score expresses how supportive or obstructive the company is towards climate policy aligned with the Paris Agreement, incorporating an analysis of its trade association links. The Engagement Intensity (0-100) expresses the intensity of this activity, whether positive or negative. This diagram shows the global Engagement Intensity rather than how companies are lobbying in Australia specifically, which is shown in the second diagram.

InfluenceMap maintains the world’s leading database of corporate and industry association lobbying of climate policy around the globe, covering around 300 companies and 150 industry groups globally. Full details of what our metrics mean are contained within the info icons. A full explanation of our methodology can be found here.

The Australian Lobbying Landscape

The above diagram shows the global Engagement Intensities for each company. In order to determine which companies are the most engaged within Australia, InfluenceMap analyzed how many Australian-specific engagements each company had. The diagram below shows the top 15 companies most engaged with Australian climate policy, and which sector they belong to.

Top 15 companies engaged on climate change and climate policy in Australia since 2018


Company Listings

Below is a ranking table with the 50 companies included in this research. A summary profile and full access to the data underlying the assessments can be accessed via the links in the table

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
C-Ampol Limited (formerly Caltex Australia)9EnergyOceania
DToyota Motor32AutomobilesAsia
D-Glencore International27Metals & MiningEurope
FPeabody18Metals & MiningNorth America
C+Westpac Banking Corporation12FinancialsOceania
D+Coles Group2Consumer StaplesOceania
FSunset Power International (Delta Electricity)11UtilitiesOceania
CInsurance Australia Group7FinancialsOceania
CHolcim44Construction MaterialsEurope
CAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group9FinancialsOceania
B-National Australia Bank11FinancialsOceania
BApple28Information TechnologyNorth America
D-Chevron46EnergyNorth America
C+Commonwealth Bank of Australia6FinancialsOceania
N/AMetcash1Consumer StaplesOceania
CMacquarie Group16FinancialsOceania
D+South3213Metals & MiningOceania
DAnglo American18Metals & MiningEurope
D+BHP41Metals & MiningOceania
E+Yancoal9Metals & MiningOceania
EWhitehaven Coal19Metals & MiningOceania
DExxonMobil50EnergyNorth America
C+AGL Australia34UtilitiesOceania
C-Origin Energy40EnergyOceania
DRio Tinto Group38Metals & MiningEurope
CWoolworths Ltd6Consumer StaplesOceania
C-Bluescope Steel30Metals & MiningOceania
C-Qantas Airways8TransportationOceania
D-ConocoPhillips37EnergyNorth America
D-Virgin Australia7TransportationOceania
C-Fortescue Metals Group19Metals & MiningOceania
C-Adbri (Adelaide Brighton)9Construction MaterialsOceania
D+Boral Limited8Metals & MiningOceania
C-Lendlease5Construction MaterialsOceania
N/ASingapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel)3TelecommunicationsAsia
E+Alinta Energy17EnergyOceania
DViva Energy12EnergyOceania
D+Mitsubishi Corporation16IndustrialsAsia
DAlcoa9Metals & MiningNorth America
D+Newcrest Mining5MaterialsOceania