Fed Clean Energy Act (Carbon Tax) (2011)

Policy Description

The Clean Energy Act 2011 was introduced by the Gillard Labor Government in February 2011 and commenced in July 2012. The Act established a fixed carbon price on greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, which became known as the ‘carbon tax’.

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Carbon Tax

Policy Status

Inactive: Repealed

Lobbying Overview

  • The evidence collected on corporate and industry lobbying on Australia’s carbon tax, mainly from 2013-14, indicates that the majority of corporate engagement on the policy has been oppositional.
  • A number of companies and industry associations supported the repeal of the carbon tax or opposed its implementation in the first instance including BHP, Rio Tinto, Whitehaven Coal, Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, and Minerals Council of Australia.

Evidence Profile


Policy Progress

Although the carbon tax achieved a reduction in Australia’s emissions, it faced significant challenges from industry and the Opposition, which claimed that it led to increased energy prices for both households and industry. Supporters of the tax argue that it increased GDP and employment in Australia, and had protections in place to support emissions-intensive industries. Tony Abbott’s “axe the tax” pledge formed one of the cornerstones of his successful election campaign in 2013. The Clean Energy Act 2011 was repealed by the Abbott Government in July 2014.

Entities Engaged on Policy

The table below lists the entities tracked by InfluenceMap which have publicly engaged with the policy. InfluenceMap tracks around 300 companies and 150 industry associations globally. Each entity links back to the entities’ full InfluenceMap profile, where the evidence of its engagement can be found.

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
DToyota Motor32AutomobilesAsia
D+BHP41Metals & MiningOceania
DRio Tinto Group38Metals & MiningEurope
D-ConocoPhillips38EnergyNorth America
D-Glencore International28Metals & MiningEurope
E+Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)39EnergyOceania
E+Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)46Metals & MiningOceania
E+Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry19All SectorsOceania
CAustralian Industry Group (Ai Group)53All SectorsOceania
EQueensland Resources Council (QRC)20Metals & MiningOceania