NSW Energy Savings Scheme (2009) & Energy Security Safeguard

Policy Description

The New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is an energy efficiency program launched in 2009 to provide NSW businesses with financial incentives to invest in projects which will reduce their energy consumption. Incentives are available to install new equipment or modify a current system. Energy savings are converted into Energy Saving Certificates which are sold to an energy retailer, with a portion of the returns flowing back to the business. In June 2020, there was a consultation to extend the NSW Energy Savings Scheme into the NSW Energy Security Safeguard.

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Energy and Resource Efficiency

Policy Status

Active: Yet to formally implement Energy Security Safeguard

Lobbying Overview

  • The evidence collected on corporate and industry lobbying on the ESS from 2015-20 indicates that the majority of corporates engaging on the policy have been supportive.
  • Several entities have supported the existing ESS and/or the expansion of the ESS into the Energy Security Safeguard including the Energy Efficiency Council, AGL Energy, BlueScope Steel, and CLP Holdings.
  • Energy Networks Australia and Energy Users Association of Australia did not appear to support state-based energy efficiency schemes such as the ESS in New South Wales.

Evidence Profile


Policy Progress

In June 2020, a consultation to extend the NSW Energy Savings Scheme into the NSW Energy Security Safeguard received over 40 submissions. The proposed Safeguard would include an Energy Savings Scheme that runs until 2050, with an energy savings target gradually increasing to 13% by 2030 and an expanded set of eligible activities. As of August 2021, the Safeguard has not yet been formally implemented in NSW.

Entities Engaged on Policy

The table below lists the entities tracked by InfluenceMap which have publicly engaged with the policy. InfluenceMap tracks around 300 companies and 150 industry associations globally. Each entity links back to the entities’ full InfluenceMap profile, where the evidence of its engagement can be found.

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
C+AGL Australia34UtilitiesOceania
C-Origin Energy40EnergyOceania
CWoolworths Ltd6Consumer StaplesOceania
C-Bluescope Steel31Metals & MiningOceania
E+Alinta Energy18EnergyOceania
C+Australian Energy Council40EnergyOceania
A-Clean Energy Council38EnergyOceania
DEnergy Users Association of Australia23EnergyOceania
A-Energy Efficiency Council27EnergyOceania
C-Energy Networks Australia16EnergyOceania