VIC Climate Change Act (2017)

Policy Description

The Victoria Climate Change Act was passed in February 2017, and established a long-term emissions reduction target of net zero by 2050. The Act also mandates the development of interim emissions targets every five years, as well as the publication of an Adaptation Action Plan and a Climate Change Strategy every five years.

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Alignment with IPCC on Climate Action; GHG Emission Regulation

Policy Status


Lobbying Overview

  • The evidence collected on corporate and industry lobbying on the Victoria Climate Change Act 2017 from 2016-19 indicates that there have been more negative corporate engagements than positive.
  • Entities that have engaged negatively include Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (owner of Alinta Energy), as well as industry associations including the Australian Energy Council, the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network and the Minerals Council of Australia, which appeared to oppose state-level GHG targets in Victoria in favor of less stringent federal targets.
  • The Ai Group, the Carbon Market Institute and the Energy Efficiency Council lobbied in support of state-level GHG targets in Victoria in line with net zero by 2050.

Evidence Profile


Policy Progress

The Victoria Climate Change Act 2017 is still in place unchanged.

Entities Engaged on Policy

The table below lists the entities tracked by InfluenceMap which have publicly engaged with the policy. InfluenceMap tracks around 300 companies and 150 industry associations globally. Each entity links back to the entities’ full InfluenceMap profile, where the evidence of its engagement can be found.

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
C+AGL Australia34UtilitiesOceania
E+Alinta Energy18EnergyOceania
E+Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)46Metals & MiningOceania
CAustralian Industry Group (Ai Group)53All SectorsOceania
C+Australian Energy Council40EnergyOceania
DAustralian Industry Greenhouse Network21EnergyOceania
A-Energy Efficiency Council27EnergyOceania