Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint - the 50 Most Influential

An InfluenceMap Report
September 2017

Corporations can greatly influence what policies are adopted to address climate change. Thus it is important to extend the analysis of corporate behavior beyond its physical emissions. This accounting system clearly shows which corporations are assisting in a transition to a low carbon future, and those that are hindering this effort. Investors concerned about climate change need to take corporate policy actions into account in their investment decisions.

Robert J. Brulle

Lobbying should come under the same scrutiny as any other business activity. If companies are making a concerted effort to undermine climate policy, they may well be driving a systemic risk that will impact portfolios.

Alice Garton

The data shows the climate policy agenda, in terms of corporate influencing, is being driven by a small number of massive global corporations. It also shows a group of powerful of companies in the tech, consumer goods and utilities sectors increasingly pushing for policy to implement the Paris Agreement.

Dylan Tanner

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