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Australian Industry Associations and their Carbon Policy Footprint

September 2020

This research finds that Australia’s most influential industry associations are having an overwhelmingly negative impact on climate policy, with 75% of the groups assessed taking positions against climate regulations while promoting a pro-fossil fuel agenda. This research is part of InfluenceMap’s o...

BHP and Rio Tinto:
Their Industry Groups and Climate Lobbying

May 2020

This analysis highlights a trend whereby companies and industry groups are engaging with investors and the media by focusing attention on top-line positive statements on climate while distracting stakeholders from the important details that conversely show patterns of opposition to science-based cli...

Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint - the 50 Most Influential

October 2019

The 50 Corporations Shaping the Global Climate Agenda

Industry Groups and their Carbon Footprints

September 2019

US Lobbyists Dominate the List of the World's Most Influential and Negative on Climate

BHP and its Trade Associations on Climate

December 2017

The global mining giant has just published a review of climate/energy misalignments between it and its key lobby groups - InfluenceMap fact checks this for accuracy and completeness.

Trade Associations and their Climate Policy Footprint

December 2017

Industry groups are key lobbying agents for business - we use our analytics to pick out the 50 most influential on climate.

Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint - the 50 Most Influential

September 2017

InfluenceMap has identified the 50 companies most influential in shaping climate and energy policy around the world. Some of these (such as ExxonMobil) are in opposition while others (such as Apple and Unilever) are championing ambitious national-level policy to support their decarbonization plans....