Industry Associations

The graph below shows the relationships between companies and their Australian industry associations.

The industry associations are positioned according to their InfluenceMap grades, with those on the left having the lowest grades (signifying opposition to Paris-aligned climate policy) and those on the right having the highest grades (signifying support for Paris-aligned climate policy).

Connected to the industry associations are the companies. Companies are pulled towards the trade associations they have proven connections to. The stronger the connection to the association is, the stronger the pull. For example, a company which sits on an industry association's board would have a strong connection, and therefore a shorter line than if the connection had been a less significant one. Hence, the further to the left a company sits on the graph, the more negative its overall connection to Australian industry associations. This is similar to the 'Relationship Score', which shows the impact of companies' relationships to trade associations globally. The 'Relationship Score' can be seen by hovering over a company.

Industry Associations

Below is a ranking table with the Industry Associations included in this research. A summary profile and full access to the data underlying the assessments can be accessed via the links in the table

Influencemap Performance BandOrganizationEngagement Intensity
E+Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)46Metals & MiningOceania
E-NSW Minerals Council26Metals & MiningOceania
E+Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry18All SectorsOceania
C-Business Council of Australia47All SectorsOceania
E+Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA)38EnergyOceania
E+Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME)23Metals & MiningOceania
EQueensland Resources Council (QRC)20Metals & MiningOceania
EAssociation of Mining and Exploration Companies17Metals & MiningOceania
DAustralian Industry Greenhouse Network21EnergyOceania
E+Australian Institute of Petroleum9EnergyOceania
DEnergy Users Association of Australia22EnergyOceania
D-South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy17Metals & MiningOceania
CAustralian Industry Group (Ai Group)53All SectorsOceania
D+Australian Pipelines and Gas Association17EnergyOceania
D+Gas Energy Australia15EnergyOceania
C-Energy Networks Australia16EnergyOceania
C+Australian Energy Council40EnergyOceania
BCarbon Market Institute40All SectorsOceania
A-Energy Efficiency Council26EnergyOceania
A-Clean Energy Council38EnergyOceania